Harvest Spotlight: Musica Spanish Pole Beans

Monday, September 19, 2011

On the vine
 I love growing green beans.  Growing green beans is really quite easy.  I just plant the seeds, add water and some fertilizer, provide a trellis for them to climb on and watch them grow.

The most challenging part of growing green beans is figuring out how to harvest the ones at the top of the vines.  That's where a Pik-Stik really comes in handy. I have a dedicated one stored in the garage that I only use outside in the garden.

I find that the green bean seeds I buy from Renee's Garden always produce consistent and delicious harvests from my container garden.  I can't always find her amazing seeds at my local nursery, so I often order directly from her website, which is quick and easy.

Now I think these green beans are the kind of beans that are used to make those French green beans you find in cans and frozen packs in the grocery store.  When it comes time to prepare them, I wash them, dry them, trim the ends and then turn them into slivers.

Preparing them for cooking or freezing

I enjoy them steamed or in my Garden Green Bean Medley, a recipe I just discover this year.  When I have more than I can eat at one time, I freeze them in Ziploc vacuum freezer bags so I can use them well into the Fall and Winter.

Try Musica Spanish pole beans next year in your garden.

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