Garden Finds: All About Tsukemono

Monday, November 14, 2011

I hope you enjoyed my visual guide to making tsukemono that I published last Thursday.

Would you believe I have one more harvest of Japanese cucumbers coming ripe on the vines?  With a heat wave in October, I guess my vines squeaked out one last set of blooms.  The cucumbers are sure growing slowly, but helped along by the recent rains, I think I will eventually get three more cucumbers with which I plan to make on last batch of tsukemono for this season.

Now I just so happened to pick up my Japanese cucumber plants this year at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware.)  Usually I grow cucumbers from seed, but I was a little behind in getting my garden started this year so I opted for live plants instead.  Since I really like the flavor of the Japanese cucumbers, I wanted to find seeds for them so I could grow them next year.

Garden Find #1

A quick search lead me to the Kitazawa Seed Company in Oakland California.  They stock 13 varieties of Japanese cucumber here.  Varieties include: Palace King hybrid, Palace Pride hybrid, Southern Delight hybrid, Summer Dance hybrid and Tasty Green hybrid.  Here I was, worried that I wouldn't be able to find Japanese cucumber seeds and now I have to figure out which one to purchase!

Garden Find #2

Now of course you can make tsukemono with other vegetables besides cucumbers.  To do this, I decided I needed to invest in a cookbook to teach me how to do this properly.  This lead to my second discovery:

icon icon

I seem to have grabbed the last copy of this book available at my local Barnes&Noble. But head over to Barnes&Noble.com to find other books on the subject too. And come back to find more posts about my adventures in making tsukemono!


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